'Tidalwall' © Hew Chee Fong + L.M.Noonan 2002
This precast concrete feature ‘tidal wall’ is part of the new plaza parade shopping complex adjacent to the sunshine plaza. The design replicates the rippling sand seen on the riverbank at low tide and seeks to blend the building into the adjoining landscape of Cornmeal Creek. All panels were cast using a single mould made from a full sized concrete panel that was hand carved by the artists. 
A mixture of special aggregates and coloured concrete was used. Each panel individually modified through a combination of polishing, blasting and acid etching; the wall provides a secure, low maintenance cladding system. It was the artists’ intention to avoid any overtly literal interpretations of natural phenomena in surface patterns for walls, rather a depiction of nature’s influences on our coastal environment, water, wind and tidal rhythms.

'Tidalwall' © Hew Chee Fong + L.M.Noonan 2002 'Tidalwall' © Hew Chee Fong + L.M.Noonan 2002 'Tidalwall' © Hew Chee Fong + L.M.Noonan 2002