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‘Dialogue’ © Hew Chee Fong + L.M.Noonan 1997‘Dialogue’ © Hew Chee Fong + L.M.Noonan 1997

'Dialogue' is meant to act as a focal point of welcome and to denote some of the 'special 'qualities of Coolum. It is a work intentionally designed to reflect Coolum’s' relaxed, fun loving and informal atmosphere. The sculpture invites the touch and exploration by young and old alike. Children especially like the interactive elements, such as the peepholes and monkey puzzle.
Coolums' dramatic coastline and the power of nature provided the primary source of inspiration. The distinctive "egg rocks" created through ceaseless tumbling on the beach over eons and entrapped in crevices by the same pounding nature of the waves are expressed in a variety of ways in this large gateway installation. The spirit of the beachcomber is there as well, in the eroded sandcastle shapes and marine patterning in parts of the work.