'dwell' © hew chee fong + l.m.noonan
'dwell' © hew chee fong + l.m.noonan 'dwell' © hew chee fong + l.m.noonan
'dwell' © hew chee fong + l.m.noonan 'dwell' © hew chee fong + l.m.noonan 'dwell' © hew chee fong + l.m.noonan 'dwell' © hew chee fong + l.m.noonan
Commissioned by Urban Lands Development Authority Qld Government
● Material: Granite

“The Australian dream: a house symbolises both shelter and a family's security.
Home may refer to a geographical or psychological place.The image of a house has acquired symbolic value through the emotions and the feelings it evokes...”
'dwell' © hew chee fong + l.m.noonan
Passage through and amongst these forms evoke all kinds of experiences of the natural world such as canyons, arroyos and crannies. The internal walls encouraging touch and exploration. The once organic form turned outward has become a rectangle: this exploded boulder form presenting in a way that requires more work on the part of the viewer to ‘join the dots’; adding a further and desirable complexity.

The new outer footprint and forms represents modern architecture. The various portals, niches and elements offer further opportunities for interaction, layering the work with architectural resonance, symbolism and meaning.The internal forms created by the forces of nature contrast with the detailed sculpted external surfaces additionally, the four sections represent the various teams or companies guiding the evolution of Moranbah.
The natural boulder represents the natural resources of the area and their extraction from the earth.The house motif is a powerful, universally recognised and archetypal icon. For some it is a repository of memories and aspirations, symbolic of the importance of roots and ‘sense of place’ in modern society. A group of houses can indicate amongst other things shared values and the pride of ownership—the start of community.

  'dwell' © hew chee fong + l.m.noonan

'Dwell' has been awarded the  2014 ASSA Architectural Stone Award for Best Public Art